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Datron Reception System in Istanbul, Turkey

Quorum Communications installed a Metrack 2000 2.4m HRPT acquisition system based on a Datron Met 8 positioner and Quorum Servo control systems, Tracking Computer, feed and MetCom DSP receiver.

HRPT System in Korea

1.5 Meter HRPT being installed in Korea inside a Seatel Radome.
  Another photo of the Korean HRPT system prior to radome installation.

HRPT System in Israel

1.5 meter HRPT system in Israel

HRPT System Nothern Siberia, Yakutsk, Russia

1.5 meter HRPT system in Russia during assembly. This system is one of many installed by NASA for "Mission To Planet Earth" data collection.
(Photo courtesy of Yevgeny Dyrnov)
  Another photo of the system in Russia, completed, in wintertime
(Photo courtesy of Yevgeny Dyrnov)

Aqua Satellite Testing At TRW

Rick Fogle of Quorum assists NASA personnel testing the X band downlink prior to launch of the EOS Aqua satellite.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Satellite Installation Bern, Switzerland

HRPT tracking system with special downconverter filtering installed in Bern, Switzerland.
(Photo courtesy of Dundee Satellite Systems, LTD.)
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